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  • Members whose dues are paid in full and are in good standing may access the center 24/7

  • Upon entering this building or property owned by Life In Fairbanks Township, Inc., you agree to abide by all rules and any programs and activities that are participated in, you understand that you do so at your own risk of bodily injury and/or property loss.

  • Children under the age of 16 must have a responsible chaperone with them while on the grounds and inside the building of the Fairbanks Community Center.

  • Per Indiana State law, tobacco use is prohibited inside the building as well as within 8 feet of any entrance.

  • Alcohol will only be permitted for private events. Alcohol must be furnished and served by a licensed bartender with a portable liquor license. Certificate of Liability insurance for $1 million with Life In Fairbanks Township, Inc. as additional insured must be furnished.

  • No drinks or food of any sort is allowed on the gymnasium floor or on the stage, unless it is an event serving food, such as a dinner fundraiser.

  • Please do not hang on the rims.

  • Not responsible for lost or stolen items

  • No glass bottles are allowed anywhere on the property.

  • Renters of rooms and building are responsible to inform their guests/event attendees of all rules and regulations.

  • More than one function may be scheduled at the same time: please be respectful of other user groups.

  • The Community Center is a place for the community run by volunteers and funded by donations. Please be respectful of other people, things, fixtures, the building. Vandalism or destruction of property will be reported to authorities and charges will be pressed.

  • Violations of any rules can result in the cancellation of Fairbanks Community Center use and revocation of membership and future privileges.

  • Membership dues are non-refundable.

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